AGM 2017

Just a reminder that the AGM is scheduled for this coming Tuesday at 8:30 pm.


Attendance is mandatory – at least one rep per team as per our Constitution.

In keeping with past practice, here are some of the topics or Motions put forth. Please come prepared to discuss:

  • pitching to females with 6 to 12 arc (Uniqueness vote)
  • follow the SPO rule for maximum runs per inning
  • implement the 175 line in outfield for all players
  • 6 to 12 pitching for all players (Uniqueness vote)
  • no bat testing – use approved list
  • a batted foul ball must reach a height of 6 feet to qualify as a caught foul OUT. EXCEPT for the 3rd strike foul in which case it would be an out
  • 4th strike for female players.
  • If with a full count on batter, a foul ball is hit then batter receives one more pitch.

There are other areas and topics for discussion as well as Awards for the season. Meeting will be approximately one to one and a half hours.

Thank you

Season Review

Well, the season is over and we managed to get the tourney in finishing on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Thank you to everyone for another great season and wishing you a happy and healthy off-season.

We have one last piece of business to take care of to close the year as we are already starting to get ready for another.

The AGM has been scheduled for:
Tuesday, November 7th at 8:30 pm.
Louie’s on Lewis (old Knights of Columbus) on Lewis Rd.

This is a MANDATORY Meeting for all teams. You must have at least one Team Rep present. Keys MUST be turned in at this meeting or you will be subject to the $200 replacement fee.

We must have a quorum of 50% plus 1 for any Playing Rule or Constitutional changes to be voted on.

We will discuss any and all Rule changes & Constitutional Proposals for the 2018 season.

If you would like to submit a rule change or constitutional proposal, it must be sent to me in detail 2 weeks prior to the meeting. If you want to have a vote or a say in any of the changes/proposals, this is the meeting that you have to be at!
This means that any and all Rule Changes OR Constitutional Proposals MUST BE RECEIVED by me no later than Tuesday October 24th to be included in the AGM and to be voted on to be in effect for the 2018 playing season.

Just a reminder – when you do submit, I read them as they are written. I cannot read between the lines so make your points and thoughts well documented.

Some other areas of discussion for the meeting:

  • Alignment – promotion & relegation/re-alignment
  • City meeting notes
  • Expansion options
  • Banquet options
  • Roster policy
  • Scheduling/season duration

And Finally …

If you have a question about Performance Bonds, email Brandi and she can give you an update. All teams Performance bonds will carry over into the new year UNLESS you request a refund. If you require a refund then contact Brandi and she can arrange to have it ready for pickup at the AGM.

You do not have to be the team rep to attend the AGM. However your team will only receive one vote on any matter.

Bat Policy

What we will be doing moving forward with new bat policy and standards

SOME Existing ASA 2004 certified bats will be allowed however the list is getting smaller. Some aluminum bats will no longer be allowed if they are illegible as to the bat and a visible ‘Official 1.20 BPF’ allocation.

  • Any NEW ASA ONLY stamped bats will not be allowed at all.
  • Bats containing the new USSSA thumbprint stamp with 1.20 BPF will be allowed.
  • Bats containing the new USSSA thumbprint 1.15 bpf and with NEW ASA stamp will NOT be allowed.
  • Jak’d Bats continue to be banned from the league.

If there are questions or discussion about any of this, please wait until the AGM so it can be discussed as a group. If anything needs to be further discussed we can move to table a vote until first meeting of new year, but only if necessary.


Closing Tournament

The schedule has been posted to Game On Mobile

You can download the APP or go through the web link. Please also share this with your teammates.

Note that some games do not have team names yet as the regular season games are not completed.

Teams not competing

Wilson Fire – First Choice – Connors Construction – Scared Hitless

Rankings will still reflect ACTUAL division rankings.

I will update as games are completed this week. Remember it is a guaranteed 3 games so please follow the schedule closely. If you are unsure then ask or check the board at Headquarters (This will be at the pathway to diamond 5/6 on Thursday-Friday-Saturday).

Any missed games may result in Forfeit fines.

All teams will continue to report scores through the normal ‘submit a score’ system up to and including Thursday night but it is preferred that you submit at the board on Thursday.

The board will be the ONLY official record of games. You must check the boards periodically to make sure you are playing at the correct time/diamond

Game On is a great APP to help but may not be updated as quick as possible thus the board remains official.



A little bit, goes a long way sometimes.


The rules should be simple…

Home team is based on better regular season standings.

Home team is undefeated team for final.

Each team will supply umpire with a new or reasonably new ball.

If balls are hit out of play or over fences, teams should retrieve or replace

Some balls will be supplied later in tourney

Hustle in and out so we do not fall behind!

If games start to fall behind, umpires will be enforcing the speed of the game and innings will be decreased in order to stay on time.

The outfield Marker will be used for all games at Guelph Lake.

No outfielder (minimum 4) may come inside that marker until the ball is hit.

Games will be 7 innings or one hour and 10 minutes.

No new inning will start after one hour 5 minutes

Mercy rule will be 12 runs after 5 innings (4 ½ if Home team leading)

Home team does NOT bat if ahead going into bottom of 7

If teams are tied after 7 and time allows, we will use international tie breaker rule with 1 out.

This will only happen if time allows. However, if time limit is exceeded in extra innings then games will revert back to last complete inning with a difference in score.

The above time limits will apply for all games until the FINALS

The Final will be one hour 15 minutes, no new inning after one hour and 10.

Mercy rule will be 12 runs after 5 innings

The same rules apply for closing the diamonds after the last game each day.

If you are the home team, put the bases away, turn out the lights and lock up.

This includes after Friday & Saturday’s final games please


Bruce Collett