Closing Tournament

The schedule has been posted to Game On Mobile

You can download the APP or go through the web link. Please also share this with your teammates.

Note that some games do not have team names yet as the regular season games are not completed.

Teams not competing

Wilson Fire – First Choice – Connors Construction – Scared Hitless

Rankings will still reflect ACTUAL division rankings.

I will update as games are completed this week. Remember it is a guaranteed 3 games so please follow the schedule closely. If you are unsure then ask or check the board at Headquarters (This will be at the pathway to diamond 5/6 on Thursday-Friday-Saturday).

Any missed games may result in Forfeit fines.

All teams will continue to report scores through the normal ‘submit a score’ system up to and including Thursday night but it is preferred that you submit at the board on Thursday.

The board will be the ONLY official record of games. You must check the boards periodically to make sure you are playing at the correct time/diamond

Game On is a great APP to help but may not be updated as quick as possible thus the board remains official.



A little bit, goes a long way sometimes.


The rules should be simple…

Home team is based on better regular season standings.

Home team is undefeated team for final.

Each team will supply umpire with a new or reasonably new ball.

If balls are hit out of play or over fences, teams should retrieve or replace

Some balls will be supplied later in tourney

Hustle in and out so we do not fall behind!

If games start to fall behind, umpires will be enforcing the speed of the game and innings will be decreased in order to stay on time.

The outfield Marker will be used for all games at Guelph Lake.

No outfielder (minimum 4) may come inside that marker until the ball is hit.

Games will be 7 innings or one hour and 10 minutes.

No new inning will start after one hour 5 minutes

Mercy rule will be 12 runs after 5 innings (4 ½ if Home team leading)

Home team does NOT bat if ahead going into bottom of 7

If teams are tied after 7 and time allows, we will use international tie breaker rule with 1 out.

This will only happen if time allows. However, if time limit is exceeded in extra innings then games will revert back to last complete inning with a difference in score.

The above time limits will apply for all games until the FINALS

The Final will be one hour 15 minutes, no new inning after one hour and 10.

Mercy rule will be 12 runs after 5 innings

The same rules apply for closing the diamonds after the last game each day.

If you are the home team, put the bases away, turn out the lights and lock up.

This includes after Friday & Saturday’s final games please


Bruce Collett

But the Weather …

Well even though the sun is shining, things are not good at this point. The diamonds are flooded and will require rest time in order to completely drain.

So, the tournament has been completely cancelled.

Fortunately we are able to recover most of the costs for the cancellation.

All games are cancelled and all diamonds are closed until Monday May 8th when they will re-assess. While you all may be anxious to play, this is the best option for all. If we used the diamonds and wrecked the fields then we would have to deal with poor conditions going forward. This is a better option than having regular season games cancelled and trying to re-book them. We have a good relationship with the City and for the best interest of the diamonds, we will wait for their further assessment.

Check the City website for any updates on diamond conditions for Monday, Tuesday and beyond.

For teams playing on Monday at Marden and U of G, I will update as best I can after I get notice from the parks.

Thank you

Final Pre-Season Meeting

The final meeting for GTCSPL before the season starts will be:

When: Thursday, April 27th
Where: Louie’s on Lewis (84 Lewis Rd)

Coaches must be there between 7 and 8 for full payment of league fees. Schedules, scorebooks and keys will be distributed after payment has been received. It will be a walk through meeting as long as you don’t need bats tested. This will also be the same night for RCMSPL to make payment and collect schedules.

Coaches are reminded that they need to get their rosters updated.

ACTIVATE THE SEND NOTIFICATION EMAIL and have players accept the terms and conditions via the email from SPO. Players may have to check junk mail to insure they receive the email.

BAT TESTING will also be taking place – communicate this with your players!

All players may come between 7 and 9:30 for bat testing. As we are also receiving payments, there will only be one bat test line between 7 and 8pm. A second line will open after all team payments have been received.

Remember to print the bat test log from the website or attached here. We will not have forms available.

This will be the final bat testing date before league starts. At our best guess, we have approximately 500-700 people/bats still to test so it will be a long night!

We are not announcing any other bat testing nights until after the season has begun.

If you plan on playing/using a bat in the first week, it would be wise to attend this meeting.

Thank you