Co-Ed Free Agents

This is the spot where individuals looking to play Co-Ed slopitch get the opportunity to advertise their desire.

By adding your comment to this page, you are letting teams know of your interest in playing on a team. Keep in mind that there will be other individuals to choose from, so you’ll want to put some useful information in your comments about your batting skills, prefered defensive positions and/or any previous experience which would help you stand out.

Comments on this page are for Co-ed Free Agents only and anything posted here that does not relate will be deleted. For those looking to play in the men’s league, the men’s Free Agent list can be found here.

IMPORTANT: Contact information posted here is accessible to EVERYONE, but it also allows teams a better opportunity to contact you.

Note: Comments are moderated for 1st time posters – don’t be concerned if your comments don’t appear right away.

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