Playing Rules


  1. General Rules

    For the 2018 season, the Slo Pitch Ontario Rules will be followed, with the following exceptions:

    1. The base path shall be 60 feet when the diamond will not allow 65 feet.
    2. A board is to be used for home plate, the size being 2′ x 3′ x 1/2″ thick.
    3. Ties will remain as a tie during the regular season games and round robin tournaments.
    4. The home run rule is now IN EFFECT at Marden Park and University diamonds ONLY. It is NOT in effect at Guelph Lake but will remain up for discussion pending any needs. The Home Run Rule will be Match +2 at any time in any division at the aforementioned diamonds.
    5. The mercy rule is to be 15 runs after seven innings.
    6. Five full innings constitute a complete game. If more than five innings are played, then the last inning completed will constitute the complete game.
    7. If a male batter, followed by a female batter, is walked on a 4 – 0 count, he proceeds to second base. The following batter (female) must take her turn at bat.
    8. Visiting team supplies a second ball of quality acceptable to the umpire.
    9. A team may carry a maximum of 20 players on its roster.
    10. All players in the starting line up must bat unless injured, suspended or substituted during the game.
    11. The batting order will be fixed for both teams after one complete turn through the batting order. However, players arriving late may be added to the bottom of the batting order, up to ten (10) players, and the batting order follows, Section M, General Rules 16.
    12. If a player leaves the game for any reason, except injury, he/she is an automatic out unless a substitute is available. If a female batter is injured during the game, the female batters will rotate in order to the position of the injured player (as long as there are still 3 females playing). This will change the fixed position of the batting order for the female players.
    13. A player must play a minimum of four (4) complete innings to qualify as a game played for playoff eligibility. (see Section M. GENERAL RULES, Item 14).
    14. Players must play in at least 1/3 of the regular scheduled games to be eligible for playoffs.
    15. There will be a maximum of 10 players on the field (maximum 6 males – see Forfeits – Section 9(a)).
    16. For every female player, a team may have two male batters in the batting order. A team may not bat more than two (2) male batters in a row at any time. This includes while using the short-handed rule and the transition from bottom to top of the order. (e.g. Male, Female, Male, Male, Female, Male, Male, Female, etc.).
    17. If a team fields 6 male and 3 female players, the tenth batter is an automatic out. The lineup must follow this rule.
      These are the only acceptable batting order examples:
      M-M-F-M-M-F-M-M-F-OUT are all acceptable.
      The following are not acceptable:

      If a team fields 5 male and 4 female or 4 male and 5 female players, the tenth batter is not an automatic out but the order must still be followed.

    18. If a team fields 8 players, 3 of which are female, the ninth and tenth batters are not automatic outs.
    19. Base runners coming home shall cross the scoring line to score a run. There is no sliding at home. The runner is automatically out if he/she touches home plate. The catcher must have control of the ball and contact with the board to constitute an out. Base runners may be tagged out prior to crossing the commitment line line but not between the commitment line and Home plate.
    20. If a player is injured during the game, an injury runner shall be allowed (if both teams agree). The injury runner (must be the last out of the same gender) will run from the screen and can try to obtain any base. This rule was put in place to accommodate a team from forfeiting an ongoing game due to a shortage of players because of said injury. It is NOT to be used as an every game situation in order to give the team an advantage of a faster runner. Injury runners will not be allowed at the start of a game UNLESS it means a forfeit by the team (only 8-9 players available). If the team has 10 or more players available, the injured player should not be included in the lineup.
    21. 3 courtesy runners per game. Must be male for male and female for female. Runner must be listed on the score sheet as player or sub.
    22. A player may only play in one division for one team.
    23. Pregnant players are NOT insured and are NOT allowed to play.
    24. If a player becomes injured during the season but is healthy to return on or before the closing tourney, the number of games MAY be waived by the Executive if justified. Submission of information to the Executive will be required and the player must have been listed on the roster from the beginning of the season. (Cannot be a late season addition)
    25. Any team not attending the opening or closing tournament will be subject to forfeit fines (with league executive discretion).
    26. The League does not follow the standard that pitcher/catcher must be male/female combination. Nor do we alternate between 11 and 12 inch balls.
    27. NEW 2016 – Any declared, over the fence Homerun shall require the batter to touch first base. The batter may then exit the field along with any other players who were on base at the time of the homerun. They do not need to round the bases and do not need to cross the safe line.
    28. See Bat Policy & Standards for the current League Policy.

  3. The Pitch

    The pitch shall have a minimum of a 6-foot arc. There is no maximum on MALE batters. For FEMALE batters, the pitch is restricted to a 6-to-12 foot arc.


  5. Deliberate Walks

    The pitcher may indicate to the home plate umpire his intent to walk the batter and the umpire will instruct the batter to advance to first base. A deliberate walk on a male batter is a 4-0 count and will result in the action as outlined in Section M. General Rules, Item 7.


  7. Uniforms

    1. All team members shall have matching outer jerseys that are consistent of colour and design, with a minimum 4″ legible number on the uniform. Full uniforms, however, are encouraged.
    2. Any player not wearing a proper uniform will be deemed an ineligible player and may not be allowed to play.
    3. A grace period of 30 days will be allowed at the beginning of the season for teams to get their uniforms. If a team is having difficulty with the supplier and can’t meet the deadline, the President should be notified and the grace period may be extended, at the discretion of the Executive.

  9. Rainouts / Cancellation

    1. The home team is to contact the Statistician to arrange a make up game for rainouts.
    2. Due to City of Guelph cancellation policies, a minimum 15 days notice to the League President (with approval from opposing team) and the Umpire Association is required to cancel a game. The team that cancels a game has 72 hours to reschedule with the other team and it is the responsibility of the canceling team to discuss with the Statistician so as to book a date, find a diamond and also book an umpire or they will forfeit.
    3. Teams must show up to the diamonds unless notified of a rain out or cancellation. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit.

    Check the City of Guelph website for daily updates at
    The League will make an attempt when possible to contact team reps but does not guarantee that contact can/will be made. It is the responsibility of the team reps to relay this information to their players and ensure that they arrive for all games scheduled.
    RAINOUTS: Games that are rained out or cancelled will be rescheduled by the League statistician to a date suitable for both teams and the League. There may be no notification of a rescheduled game other than updating the involved teams’ websites at least 3 days (72 hours) prior to the selected date. Rescheduling games with less than 72 hours notice will only be done after consulting with both teams involved. Team reps should notify the statistician if any dates are not suitable for rescheduling the game at the time of the rainout.


  11. Timing

    1. Early games begin at 6:30 p.m. with a 10-minute grace period. No new inning may be started after 8:00 p.m.
    2. Late games begin at 8:15 p.m. with a 10-minute grace period. No new inning may be started after 9:45 pm.
      Note: Late games at University (Tuesday & Thursday) will start at 8:30 pm. following the Senior Men’s League.
      Fines will be issued to the Home team if lights are not turned out. The fine will be $100.00.
    3. Teams will be fined $25.00 for every game started late after the grace period is used three (3) times during the season. (e.g., fourth late start costs $25.00).

  13. Uniqueness (Foundation Rules)

    Guelph Township Coed Slo-Pitch League is unique compared to other slo-pitch leagues due to its customized rules. In order to protect the league as it was intended, none of the “FOUNDATION” rules may be changed unless a quorum of 75% team designates vote for a change.

    1. 6 MALE, 4 FEMALE
    2. Minimum 6′ – UNLIMITED ARC to MALE batters. 6-to-12 FOOT ARC to FEMALE batters.
    3. Opening tournament will be straight double-Knockout (guaranteed 2 games).
      (Amended Nov.2010 – further amended Dec. 2012)
    4. Closing Tournament will remain as a Modified Double-Knockout (3 games guaranteed).