The league season begins the first week of May and concludes at the end of September. The opening tournament takes place on the last weekend in May or first weekend in June (Friday & Saturday) with Sunday as a rainout date. The closing tournament takes place the last weekend in September (Friday & Saturday) with Sunday as a rainout date. During the regular season each team will play 20 – 21 league games against teams in their division. All games and make-up games must be completed prior to the closing tournament.


The Guelph Township Coed Slo-Pitch League was formed with one division of ten teams playing out at Marden Park and a few city diamonds on Thursday nights only. It was more of a social gathering every Thursday Night Out at Marden Park.
Two additional teams joined and formed two divisions of six teams each. This year there was “A” Division and “B” Division champions, as well as an overall League champion.
More teams joined in this year, and the League expanded to two divisions, with a total of 18 teams.
Lyon Financial won the National Recreational Slo-Pitch title.
The League combined with the Royal City Mixed Competitive Slo-Pitch League, on a trial basis for the 1996 season.
The National Recreational Slo-Pitch Championships were held in Guelph August 8th through 12th, 1996.
The League officially merged with the Royal City Mixed Competitive Slo-Pitch League and divided the 24 teams into three divisions.
The League adopted a Uniqueness clause to ensure that the “Foundation” rules would keep the League as it was intended. A Performance Bond was also instituted.
The League continued under the structure of 24 teams, 3 per division. There were overall winners in each of the “A”, “B” and “C” divisions as well as winners in the playoffs.
The position of the Statistician was added to the Executive.
The League lost 2 teams and is now operating with 22 teams. “A” division has 6 while “B” & “C” continue to have 8. Following the completion of the season the top 2 teams from “B” & “C” will move up to the next division.
The league will again operate with 24 teams.
The League has lost 4 teams this year and will operate with a new format, two divisions of 10 teams. We will address this issue at the end of season.
The League has regained 4 teams this year and will operate again with 24 teams comprising 3 divisions of 8 teams each. As well we have started our web site at
“A” Division has lost 2 teams, so we have accepted 2 new teams into “B” division. The league will operate with 6 teams in “A”, 10 teams in “B” and 8 teams in “C”. We intend to return to 3 division of 8 teams in 2005.
The league has decided to go to 4 division “A”, “B”, “C”, & “D” due to conflicts of winning teams wanting to move up a division. There will be 6 teams in each division. Each team will play every team in their respective division then they will play a game against teams in the closest division. We lost two teams this year but have replaced them for a total of 24 teams.
The league returned to the 3 division format. New interest has allowed the league 2 divisions of 8 teams and 1 division of 10.
The league joined ventures with the Royal City Men’s SloPitch League to install permanent magnetic bases at all diamonds.
The league has tried to continue with the 3 division format. With only 21 teams, the league operated with 7 teams in each division.
The statistician position has been removed from the Executive and is now a contract position. The statistician duties will be expanded and some Executive duties will be reduced as a result of this change.
A new website merger with the Royal City Men’s SloPitch League will allow more exposure for both leagues – is born.
The league has expanded with the addition of 10 new teams and will continue to use the 3 Division format. We have lost some teams also but with the expansion, new diamonds at new locations have been added to house all of the teams. The league currently has 30 teams.
We have again contracted out the statistician duties and will be on the same website as last year with some new features.