Pending any major disruption/change, the playoff schedules are set!

Start praying now!

The early weather forecast does not look good for the beginning of the week. If we are not able to get the games in as scheduled then I will re-do schedules and we will likely be playing on Sunday as this is our regular rain date. I understand that rescheduling can cause all kinds of troubles, but I have no option if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Here is the link for the Game on Mobile schedule.

Some positions are not set yet and I will update after the remaining games tonight.

A few things to point out …

  1. Remember – We will have a few food trucks at the event on Friday and Saturday.

    BeaverTails will be present with poutine, Fries, Beavertail Hotdogs as well as their BeaverTails menu. ALB Softy ice cream truck will also be there. The trucks are kind enough to not charge us a fee to set up and take care of us so please try to support them at some point over the weekend.

  2. There has been a Police presence at the park on random nights – I would expect this to remain the same, especially with a tournament happening. Be respectful of your surroundings (trunk bars). Remember that every team rep signed a waiver for your team that they would not consume alcohol at the diamonds or in the parking lot.

    Any player caught consuming alcohol at the diamond, during a game will be ejected from the game. A second offence by ANY player on same team, at ANY time, will result in the immediate expulsion of the team from future tournament play. This means if two players are caught drinking at same time, then the team will be removed from the tourney. There is to be no alcohol consumption during games at any time. There should be no alcohol present at the diamonds. The umpires will be instructed to enforce this strictly.

  3. Just a reminder that each Player must play in at least 1/3 of the regular scheduled games to be eligible for playoffs.
    If you have not played in 6 regular season games, or you are not on the roster, you CANNOT play in the playoffs.
    If you are playing a game and suspect a player(s) on the other team has not played 6 regular season games, or is not on that teams roster, teams must notify the umpire before the end of the game that you are playing the game under protest. A formal protest must be lodged by the protesting team with the President immediately following the game, ALONG WITH THE PROTEST FEE in the amount of $50.00. The Executive will then review the protest and determine the outcome.

Bruce Collett

Delayed Start

Please see notice below from the City regarding a delayed opening. This affects all games at Guelph Lake Sports Fields

We were anticipating this based on recent weather so we are currently in the process of adjusting schedules etc. to accommodate the missed dates.

This will have an effect on most divisions however, we will start some games as scheduled at U of G and Marden as early as May 7th

This will impact scheduling to the point where we may have to have triple header nights for a period of time at all diamonds.
We have already implemented this for the D and E divisions this year.

If this is the case then game times will be 6:30-7:50, 8:00-9:20 and 9:30-10:50 during those dates.

Schedules will not be released until after the meeting on Tuesday AT THE EARLIEST

We are doing our best to continue offering an exceptional program to our teams.


Unfortunately, due to the recent ice storm and lingering wintery conditions, we are delaying the official opening of the City’s sports fields, including ball diamonds.

We expect to open ball diamonds on May 11 and sports fields on May 18.

Delaying the official opening by about 11 days will help us maintain the integrity of our sports fields and provide safe playing conditions for our users.

Currently, the sports fields remain covered in ice and snow and our employees haven’t been able to start the necessary preparations for the upcoming sports season. We do expect melting to occur over the next week when temperatures return to seasonal norms. However, soil conditions will be saturated and it will take some time for the ground to dry.

This information is also posted at Tennis and beach volleyball courts are not impacted and will open as scheduled on April 30.

We do apologize for this inconvenience. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for a sunny dry season!

Outfield Markings

Good day and Happy Easter everyone!

Just a quick update for you …

I have been in discussion with the various parks about the lining for the outfield as was voted in at our AGM.
Marden and U of G currently don’t foresee any issues in keeping the lines maintained throughout the year.

After speaking with the City, they have referred me to their newest park operations Manager – I had a meeting with Amadán Aibreáin last week. A very nice gentleman who is interested in working with us and keeping the standards up at the park. I did have to slow the meeting down a bit as his Irish accent was quite strong and I wanted to make sure I understood everything he was discussing with me.

What has been put forth is that on top of lining the fields at the 175’ mark there will be some collaboration with the City and the Fastball Leagues in town to install new fencing at a distance of 250’ as this is the approved distance for girls fastball. Apparently there will be a number of fastball tourneys and championships at the Guelph lake diamonds this summer.

I was a little confused at first obviously, because the fields are currently at 300’.

Then he explained it in full detail.

It will be an automatic fence. What this means to us is that when a female player is up to bat, the umpire will press a button to be located in the backstop area. There will be about a 30 second delay while a new fence will roll out across the field thus giving us a shorter fence for the female batters.

We will have to monitor this and see if it requires us to implement more of a homerun rule but at this time I do not see the need.

I feel this may increase some excitement in the game as there are many female hitters that may be able to achieve a legit over the fence homerun now.

After the female has batted the umpire simply pushes the button and the fence will retract again.

I don’t foresee any additional time restraints as it would be the same as the players moving into position between batters anyway.

Looking forward to seeing it in action as they are starting to work on this next week

Any comments or questions are welcome but I do not have many answers at this time. However, I will forward them along and update as I get feedback.

Enjoy the day,