2017 Begins Here

Welcome back members of GTCSPL. I trust the off season has been enjoyable for all.

This officially marks the kick off of our 2017 season. It will be nice to see the return of spring.
Here’s hoping for a short wait until the snow melts and diamonds open!


Our first preseason meeting of 2017 is planned for Tuesday, March 7th at Louie’s on Lewis (the old Knights of Columbus) at 7:00 pm. If anyone has outstanding bonds then this is the time to top them up to $200 (if you are unsure then please email Brandi to check). If there are any teams that are not returning, now would be the time to advise me as we must deal with alignment, organize schedules and get prepared for the season. If any team backs out of the league after March 7th they will forfeit 50% of their performance bond. If you have any concerns with this timeline feel free to contact me directly. As we have a number of teams on our waiting list, we need to also give them ample time to find a league to join if we don’t have spots available.

At this meeting we will review any rule changes that were discussed at the AGM as well as deal with divisional alignment for the 2017 season. We will also have budget information and season fees determined.

The final meeting will take place Wednesday, April 26th. ALL League fees will be due at this meeting. Schedules, scorebooks, balls, keys etc. will be handed out upon receipt.

New Teams

Any potential new teams have also been invited and if we have space to add teams, we will do so at this time. New teams will be responsible for a $100 new team fee as well as the $200 Performance Bond to ensure their spot in the league.

Bat policy

As usual, our bat testing program will take place AFTER the pre-season meetings. Reminder that ALL bats intended to be swung this season must PASS our League’s Bat Test and be stickered appropriately, at which time they will be deemed compliant with the association we are affiliated with (SPO). Bats MUST be tested before they can be used in game play. All bats should be tested prior to the start of the season as there will be limited testing available during the first two weeks of the season. All bats are subject to random testing throughout the year as deemed necessary by the UIC, Umpire or Executive members.

The bat form has been updated on the site and all players should ensure they print one up and bring it along with their bats for testing – we will NOT have blank forms available. Players will be allowed to test 2 bats without further fees (fee to be determined).

Team reps will be allowed to test up to 5 bats without any fees. You are assuming FULL responsibility for these bats. Any and All testing outside of the assigned times below will also incur a $2 fee above any additional testing fees due.

If you have any questions or concerns, we will do whatever we can to help you out. Specific questions can be sent to Bruce (GTCSPL President) via email or can also be directed to Shellie (Vice President) or Brandi (Treasurer).

Please forward information along to your team members regarding the bat testing. Times are as follows:

  • Thursday, February 23rd – approximately 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm (after Men’s meeting)
  • Tuesday, March 7th – approximately 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm (after Coed meeting))
  • Thursday, March 23rd – approximately 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm (after Men’s meeting))
  • Wednesday, April 26th – 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm (after Coed meeting))

There may be one more testing night in April (to be announced)
Thank you, Bruce

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Free Agent List is Active

All user accounts from last year have been deleted and a new year is open for registration. Anyone interested in signing up for the Free Agents List(s) must first register on the Forum as a user.

Since I get a lot of SPAM users signing up (I mean, A LOT!), please follow through with your registration and posting in a timely manner – individuals that show up as new users but then don’t show up anywhere else are usually the ones I target when thinning out the herd.

Thanks, and welcome to the new season!

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AGM Notice 2016

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. Now that ball season has ended we have one last piece of business to close out our year. We have already begun working on next year so we would like to make notice of our Annual General Meeting.

The AGM has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 16th at 8pm.
It will be held at the Guelph Curling Club -816 Woolwich St. (North of Woodlawn on Hwy 6).

Note: as there are curling leagues all night and the parking lot is quite busy, we have been given permission and are encouraged to park at Halwell Insurance which is directly next door. Meeting will be in the downstairs lounge (inside the front door and down the stairs). The bar is located on the main floor and you are welcome to get a beverage/snack there and bring it down.

This meeting is MANDATORY and each team must have a representative.

We must have a quorum of 50% plus 1. A vote of 2/3 majority must be achieved to change any of the playing rules. We will discuss any and all Rule changes and Constitutional Proposals.

If you would like to submit a rule change or constitutional proposal it must be received by me no later than Tuesday, November 1st to be included in the AGM and to be voted on to be in effect for the 2017 playing season. Just a reminder – when you do submit constitutional proposals, I read them as they are written. I cannot read between the lines so make your points and thoughts well documented.

Some other areas of discussion for the meeting not relevant to voting matters:
City meeting notes.
Builder’s fee and New Member fee.
Scheduling/season duration.
We will also elect the Executive for the 2017 season.
The term of office is from December 1 through to November 30.
Nominations for Executive positions are due 4 weeks in advance but we have waived that and any nominations must be submitted to me by November 2nd.
The current Executive members have all expressed their interest to stay on for another term.

And Finally

Assuming that all teams are returning for the 2017 season, Performance bonds will be carried forward to next year unless you request a refund from Brandi. If you have a question about Performance Bonds and amounts remaining, email brandinicole2431@yahoo.ca and she can give you an update. Any teams that received credits throughout the year, those would also be applied to the Performance bond.

You do not have to be the team rep to attend the AGM however your team will only receive one vote on any matter.
In keeping with the request to have meeting notes sent out in advance if there are any motions put forth, I will forward them by the end of next week.



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