Tonight and so on …

Tonight’s games are cancelled – the City has closed the parks.

Based on the weather forecast for the next 3 days, it will be day by day at this point. Currently I will be scheduling games for one hour time slots. No new inning after 55 minutes (this is only 10 minutes less than previous). It does mean there will be more games Friday night.

Schedules have been updated and the GameOn Mobile site is active again.

All Friday games will be one hour length – please hustle in and out!
Saturday times are currently at an hour fifteen.

IF we get rained out tomorrow then we will look at alternate plans.
Which could include cancelling …

I will do everything I can to keep games playing but we can only take so much of the weather.

Thanks for your patience

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Closing Tournament Rules

The rules are simple …

Play fair – respect each other.
Any physical or verbal abuse towards players or umpires from another team or from fans of a team will result in removal of offender and will be subject to further discipline to be dealt with accordingly by the Executive.

This includes picnic tables beside bench. DO NOT BRING COOLERS TO THE DIAMOND, YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED TWICE. If witnessed by an umpire then the Coach can be removed from the game. If witnessed by Executive then the entire team may be removed from the tournament.

Schedules are based on FINAL STANDINGS.
Home team will be higher ranked regular season team for all games EXCEPT the final. The UNDEFEATED team will be home team in final. IF there is a 2nd final then Higher seeded team will be home.

Game ball will be supplied. Teams will each add a ball.

Hustle in and out so we do not fall behind!
ALL Games will be 7 innings or one hour and 15 minutes.
No new inning will start after one hour and 5 minutes.
Home team does NOT bat if ahead going into bottom of 7.
If games start to fall behind, umpires will be enforcing the speed of the game and number of innings may be reduced in order to stay on time..

Mercy rule will be 10 runs after 5 innings or 15 runs after 4.

All games must have a winner so if games are tied after 7 innings, the following will apply:
If time has run out (past one hour and 5) then revert back to last complete inning with a difference in score.
If time allows (meaning less than one hour and 5 minutes) then International tiebreaker will apply. Last legal batter at 2nd base with 1 out. This format will only be used if time allows and when time runs out then the game will revert back to last complete inning with a difference in score. THIS MEANS THAT NO GAME SHOULD RUN PAST THE ONE HOUR 15 MINUTE LIMIT

If rain is a factor then schedules will be adjusted accordingly.
Rain delay (as per UIC/Executive discretion): Games will be considered complete if 5 innings have been played and rain stops the game from finishing. If game is tied in 6th or 7th and rain stops the game from completing then scores will revert back to previous completed inning with a difference in score. If there is no change in score, then game may have to be played out later.

Report all scores from Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday games to
Boards will be posted at the tent on the hill near GG6 on Friday night and all day Saturday.
Game On Mobile will be updated as fast as possible BUT the main board at Headquarters GG6 will be the over-ruling board.
If weather restricts our games then the main board may be the only board updated. Do NOT rely on Game on Mobile at that point.

The finals will be full 7 innings UNLESS mercy
Mercy rule will be 10 runs after 5 or 15 after 4 for finals.

The same rules apply for closing the diamonds after the last game on each day.
If you are the home team, put the bases away, replace base plugs, turn out the lights and lock up.
This includes after Saturday’s final games.

ALL KEYS MUST BE HANDED IN TO SHELLIE (Sox2BU), BRUCE or BRANDI (Guelph Mortgage Architects) AFTER YOUR FINAL GAME THIS WEEKEND. Failure to do so will result in fines being imposed as we have to return all keys to the City.


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Closing Tournament 2016

Full Game on Mobile schedule will be updated later today and can be found either at the Game On Mobile website or you can download the app and search for 2016 GTCSPL Closing Tourney.

Update for tomorrow’s games:

Tuesday – Guelph Lake C division
Game 1 -6:30 GG7 – Line Drives at Gremlins
Game 2 -6:30 GG4 – Hackers at Connor’s Construction
Game 3 -7:45 GG4 – Balls Deep at Vienna Sting
Game 4 -7:45 GG7 – Lucky Mitts at Cujo’s Cubs
Wednesday – Marden Park – E division
6:30 Gabe’s Pitches at Scared Hitless
7:45 Nifty Mittens at Master Batters
Thursday – Marden Park D division
6:30 Those Guys at Sons of Pitches
7:45 McCabe’s Jays at Royal City Growlers
9:00 Loose Mitts at Sneaky Pitches
Thursday Guelph Lake – B division
Game 1 -6:30 GG6 – 9th place at 8th place
Game 2 -6:30 GG7 – 10th place at 7th place (winner plays again at 9pm)
Game 4 -9:00 GG7 – I’d Hit That at Wilson Fire – Updated
Game 6 -9:00 GG6 – winner of 10/7 (Game 2) at Renegades
Thursday Guelph Lake – C division
Game 5 -7:45 GG6 – winner of Line Drives/Gremlins at The Beers
Game 6 -7:45 GG7 – winner of Hacker’s/Connor’s at Rookie Ballers

Please report scores to so that we can update for the next round.


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